United VP

UNITED VP is a very high calorific value and pure combustible liquid that will ment to use and industrial burners.

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United VP is new type of heating fuel, that has:

almost 5% more heating value
especially clean and clear
especially good pulverizing quality
especially low sulfur content

United VP is a special combustible liquid, that suits for usage in almost all domestic and industrial fuel oil burners.

The product meets requirements to the annex nr.7 of regulation nr. 73 by the Minister of Environment on December 22, 2016  „Requirements for liquid fuels,  measures of bio fuel savings, monitoring of conformity with environmental requirements and reporting system, also  methods for determination of  reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases, that are products of bio fuels and liquid fuels usage”.

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Weight 0.9 kg
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Characteristics Unit Specification Test meetod
min. max.
Density at 15 ºC kg/m3 900 920 EN ISO 12185
Viscosity 40 ºC mm2/s 5 5,5 EN ISO 3104
Carbon residue
(on 10% distilation residue. )
mass % 0,2 EN ISO 10370
Sulphur content mass % 0,5 EN ISO 8754
Flash point ºC 60,0 EN ISO 2719
250 ºC
350 ºC
mahu% 65
EN ISO 3405
Ash content mass % 0,01 EN ISO 6245
Water % 0,5 ISO 3733
PCB content mg/kg - EN 12766
Poir point
ºC -6
EN ISO 3016
Heating value
MJ/kg 41
ISO 8217(E)


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