Terms & Conditions

1. Scope and effect of Regulations

1.1  The general terms and conditions between all persons (hereinafter the Customer), who places an order through e-shop  www.unitedoil.ee (hereinafter The e- Shop).
1.2 In addition to present terms and conditions,  all legal relations are regulated by present legal acts valid in the Republic of Estonia.
1.3 United Oil OÜ has a  right to add and modify the Terms&Conditions,  the price-list on the assumption of e-shop development, good and safe e-shop use. All changes in the Terms&Conditions, the Price-list, and additions should be posted on webpage www.unitedoil.ee. All changes become valid since published on webpage  www.unitedoil.ee. If you had placed an order before changes became valid, then legal relations between Client and United Oil OÜ are regulated according to terms and conditions, which were valid on the moment you placed an order, except cases that are contemplated by law or present Terms&Conditions.

2. Prices

2.1. The prices are valid when the Client pays an order in time according p.4.
2.2. All prices include valid fuel taxes and 20% of  turnover tax.

3. Placing an order

3.1. The Client can change quantity of products in the basket. Also can change quantity of ordered product. To make changes please click on the button „Refresh”. To continue placing the order click on the „Next”. You are transferred to customer data webpage.
3.2. Fill all required data on the webpage and press „Continue shopping”. You are transferred to confirmation page and must choose payment method.
3.3. Please be careful while filling the form, because quick delivery depends on the correct data you entered.
3.4.  Sales contract is concluded (Sales contract effectiveness) after remittance received to Novus Oil  bank account.
3.5.  Orders are processed on weekdays (Mon-Fri 08.00-17.00). If You place an order on Friday after 2p.m., then order will be processed on next week Monday.
3.6.  United Oil OÜ enters the data to JVIS system of Estonian Tax and Customs Board on the base of Your order, and client must confirm an application.

4. Payment

4.1. An invoice sent on the base of Your order.  The payment can be transferred to  Swedbank or SEB Pank.
4.3. Your order is canceled if  You have not paid an invoice in time.
4.4.  The Goods are delivered only if an invoice is 100% prepaid.
5. Delivery
5.1. After contract came into effect the Goods would be delivered to the Client according to p.3.4 of this Contract. Delivery time of delivery is discussed with the Client by phone mentioned in order data.
5.2. United Oil OÜ deliveres goods with all documentation  free of charge during 3-5 working days within Estonia.
5.3.  Please make sure You enter all data correctly. It helps to avoid delivery delay and misunderstanding. United Oil OÜ and Transporter are not responsible for the delay and misunderstanding caused by  incorrect or inexact data entering in order data.
5.4. The goods are  delivered with waybill. You confirm the delivery by signing this waybill.
5.5. We take a bottle with sample of product while handing over the goods. You must sign the seal with waybill. Sealed bottle with sample is kept during 6 months at United Oil OÜ.

6. Claim and control

6.1. United Oil OÜ is responsible for product defect or unconformity according to Estonian legislation.  You can complain during using but not more than 6 months from handing over.
6.2. The buyer must notice the Seller about Agreement mismatch during reasonable time after he got know or might know about  it.
6.3. United Oil OÜ is not responsible for:
1) damage caused by the Client.
2) defects that happened because of improper use or storage.
6.4. In case of unconformity or defect the Client has right to change the product to appropriate or without defect. You have also right to cancel the order and return goods at the expense of United Oil OÜ.
6.5. If complain please send min. 1 litre bottle with sample of your product. If possible please seal the bottle. If sent bottle does not meet the requirements of the product, mentioned in waybill, then United Oil OÜ arranges additional analyses of primary bottle with sample. If the results of primary bottle with sample does not meet requirements, then United Oil OÜ changes product to proper and also pays analysis costs.
If the  analysis of primary bottle with sample meets product requirements and Your not, then product quality had been changed after handing over.  United Oil OÜ is not responsible for it. In this case United Oil OÜ  is ready to exchange improper product to proper at Client’s  own expenses.    You must also pay for analysis.
6.6. Paid amount (with transport costs) is transferred to bank account you gave during 14 days since we got noticed about order cancelling and refund in case of improper product.
6.7. In addition to complaint the Client has different methods of his rights protection according to legislation.

7. Responsibility and  force-majeure

7.1. United Oil OÜ and the Client are responsible for damnification caused to another Party as a result of terms breaking in amount and way estimated by Estonian legislation.
7.2. If circumstances could not be contemplated or prevented by United Oil, the Seller is not responsible for obligation default, such as delivery delay, and damage caused by this delay.

8. Other terms and conditions

8.1. All personal information you provide to us will be kept confidential.
8.2. Legal acts valid in the Republic of Estonia are applied for dispute resolution.
8.3.  Settlement of disputes and problems, that occur between the Client and United Oil OÜ, is assisted through negotiation. If no agreement is reached, the Client can  appeal to The Estonian Consumer Protection Board or Harju County court.  Legal acts valid in the Republic of Estonia are applied for dispute resolution.

9.  Additional information

9.1  All pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
9.2 United Oil OÜ has right to correct prices.  In this case United Oil OÜ has right to cancel a sale and return money to Client’s bank account during 10 working days.
9.3 United Oil OÜ has right to cancel the sale if one of next problems occurs: error in amount entering or technical error in system.
9.4  We always update and improve an information about our products. Information can be updated after your last visit.